What You Should Know About Apparel Printing

Printed apparel is a great way to create brand awareness for your business. When you attend events in your industry and wear your brand’s apparel, people will notice and engage with you. You can be as creative as you want with apparel printing, so make sure your designs stand out from the rest. The final result should be unique, exciting, and a reflection of your personality.

The process of apparel printing begins by placing a stenciled design onto a garment. Then, the shirt is loaded onto a manual press and the ink is pushed through the screen onto the fabric. Many steps are required for this process, including preparing the garment for printing. Alternatively, you can choose sublimation printing, which uses special ink to transfer your design to a garment using a heat press.

With the advancement of DTG technology, apparel printing has become much more versatile than in the past. It’s now possible to print on all sorts of fabrics, including 100% cotton. However, this process doesn’t work as well on polyester and other moisture-wicking fabrics. In addition, the color of the fabric is often compromised because of dye migration.

Heat transfers are also a great option for decorating garments on the spot. For example, if six different high school wrestling teams are meeting for a tournament, the coaches decide to sell apparel branded with the tournament logo and the names of the students competing. Heat transfers can be printed on transfer paper and brought to the event with a heat press. Then, attendees can pick out a shirt they want from the inventory.

Custom apparel printing is also an excellent marketing tool for any business. Custom t-shirts act as a walking billboard and can help create brand awareness. You can also use custom apparel to distribute giveaways and promote promotions. Moreover, branded apparel can help your employees maintain a professional appearance even on dress-down days.

Another popular type of apparel printing is DTG printing, or direct-to-garment printing. This printing technique is similar to that of an inkjet printer, but the difference is that it uses special ink to print directly on a garment. This allows the ink to adhere to the fabric, creating a durable print that can be washed and worn multiple times. This method also allows unlimited colors in one design.

There are many types of custom apparel printing available. The two most popular printing methods are screen printing and direct-to-garment printing. Screen printing is an excellent option for apparel brands looking for vibrant, durable products. This type of printing is inexpensive and faster for bulk orders. However, it’s more expensive for smaller orders and usually has a minimum order quantity. To learn more about apparel printing visit the best custom print shop in Tacoma in your area.